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Last month, the UMW Bullet published their latest article about the station, limply titled Campus Airs WMWC Daily:

Campus Airs WMWC Daily
Jessica Pike, Staff Writer
Date: Wed Sep 17 20:18:03 2008

After 62 years, University of Mary Washington’s WMWC is modernizing it’s sounds.

Soon WMWC, the University’s only campus radio station, will have the ability to start taking phone calls and live requests. Also, the music library is being digitalized.

“[It's] the best radio station that you’ve ever heard of,” senior Jason Walsh said, general manager of UMW’s campus radio station WMWC.

Within the Woodard Campus Center, across from the Washroom, lie the WMWC headquarters, marked by the music paraphernalia and a “Hippies use side door” sign displayed in the window.

Students can access the station 24/7 and listen to music, talk segments, and specialty shows. The exact schedule for the radio DJ and specialty shows has not been released.

Junior Sarah Kelley is a DJ for the Experimental Radio Show, a WMWC program that airs Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m. Kelley encourages all students to give the station a try.

“Getting people involved with music on campus is an exciting part of being involved in radio,” junior Connor Whitaker said.

Whitaker also works as a DJ who has a metal specialty show Tuesdays from 9-11 p.m.

There are numerous opportunities for student music and local bands to have airtime, even many open-mic spots. The station said it plays demo CDs sent by UMW students and local bands.

“Students can easily be trained on the mixer and other equipment in the studio,” senior William Loring said.

WMWC makes an effort to be involved with the events going on around campus, and works events free of charge. This year for Homecoming disc jockeys are teaming up with other student clubs to be involved with campus festivities.

Additionally, the disc jockeys are available to work off-campus events for a small fee.

“We are here, and we are available to play gigs out of the radio station,” Loring said.

More than 40 UMW students are actively involved in this student-run organization. On most weekdays there are DJ’s in the station from noon-12 a.m.

All WMWC radio members hope to raise awareness and spread the word that there is an on campus radio station with a group of students who love music and entertaining.

WMWC has been broadcasting to the Mary Washington community since 1946. As one of the oldest student run organizations, Jason Walsh is proud to state that their call sign WMWC is, “the last Mary Washington College namesake on campus.”

Raymond Tuttle, director of judicial affairs and community responsibility, is the station’s faculty adviser, and has been involved with the program for about twelve years. He believes college radio is an excellent opportunity to provide listeners with programming they can’t hear elsewhere.

“As time goes on, commercial radio tends to become blander and less adventurous, and college radio is an antidote to that,” Tuttle said.

Tuttle suggests that students who are interested in a career in broadcasting or communications should test the waters and see what the station has to offer.

“We’re here, we aren’t all music snobs, and we want people to stop by,” Loring said.

What’s funny is that I posted a comment twice to the article, and they deleted it both times without any explanation. I tried e-mailing the Bullet and the e-mail bounced back to me. Bravo, guys! To top it off, at the time of this writing, the article has two spam comments that haven’t been deleted.

Here’s the gist of my comment, since I’m not going to bother posting on their site again if they censor every freaking word that comes in:

Thanks for covering WMWC and good luck to Jason and the staff for keeping WMWC rolling!

I was a bit surprised by this sentence, however: “Soon WMWC, the University’s only campus radio station, will have the ability to start taking phone calls and live requests.” We had that capability back in 1994… don’t know how it’s something new unless the station lost that ability when they moved out of the attic and into the campus center.

… Ryan MacMichael
webmaster, wmwc.org
WMWC DJ 1994-1998, general manager 1997-1998

In my original post, I wrote “when they were unceremoniously kicked out of the attic” instead of “when they moved out of the attic and into the campus center” but changed it in my second attempt thinking that perhaps criticism of the administration wasn’t appreciated.

- ryan @ 12:31 pm

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